Is Overuse the Most Common Cause of Running Injuries?

One of the most common causes of running injuries, if not the most common cause of running injuries, is sometimes know as overuse.  Overuse is basically doing too much too soon, and ignoring the signs that your body is giving you.  Many people make this same mistake, and end up hurt and unable to run.  

Many of these injuries happen progressively as a muscle, tendon ligament, or sometimes, a bone constantly has to absorb the […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: Cross Training Basics for a Balanced Running Body

I believe that a good running program and your body is balanced and well rounded.  And no, I don’t mean a round belly either!  I am talking about having a well-rounded exercise program that includes running as well as some other days of cross training. What is Cross Training? So what is cross-training, anyway?  Well I am sure most have heard this term, but maybe you do not really understand how it applies to you.  […] Read more »

Personal Blog – Overcoming Health Hurdles

running hurldes

Today I just wanted to share a few things going on with me and my running program in hopes that you can learn from my experiences. My personal running program has been going well going well until just recently, when I had a few hurdles that slowed me down.  The first ‘hurled’ that I faces was getting a case of bronchitis.  It was quite painful as I had a constant cough.  There were times is […] Read more »

What is the Best Way to Deal With Sore and Achy Muscles Due to Running

achy muscles after running

Okay, so you started running, and following a good running guide, and then the next day you wake up and can barely walk because your muscles are sore and achy!  What now?  I did something like this a week ago when I went for quite a long run in the morning, and in the afternoon I played football with my kids.  And I payed for it the entire next week.  I could hardly walk for […] Read more »

Use R.I.C.E. to Treat Your Minor Injuries

Many of the minor injuries that you will get when running include muscle strains, sprains.  The healing of this ‘soft tissue’ can be hoped with some basic first aid and treatment.   If you do have one of these kinds of injuries, you may still need to see a doctor, but often listening to your body will usually tell you how serious the injury is. Note: Do Not Let The Injury Get You Down Before we […] Read more »

Stay Injury Free With These Proven Running Stretches

Today I want to provide some instructions on stretching for running as a part of the warm up and cool down routine.  While you may not think this is an exciting topic, hopefully you do understand the importance of stretching for running.  Before I talk about the stretches, let me remind you of the routine that is done before and after the run. Warm-up Routine Before you run, it is a good idea to warm […] Read more »

Preventing Running Injury With Good Form

Last night my kids and I were playing a game of four-square in the driveway.  Somehow I jumped up and landed the wrong way, and I tweaked my knee a bit.  Obviously, this accident is not a running injury, and at this point I am fairly sure that I am the only person who has ever had a four-square accident. However, the point is that the injury did  make me think about the blog, and […] Read more »