Gear Review: Get Hydrated for Running with Camelbak

running water bottle

Water is vital to everyone’s health, but runner’s need hydration even more than others.  Keep in mind that it takes around 30 minutes for the water to be absorbed and utilized by your body.  So, if you are a beginner runner, you really do not have much need to take water with you on the run. Just make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day, and drink before and after you run.  Obviously, it […] Read more »

Product Review – Glide Anti-Chaffing Stick

Stop chaffing when running

In todays product review, I go into a product that may address a problem you are having but were afraid to ask the question about. I am here to talk about such embarrassing things so that you do not have to. Anyway, I was just telling a friend about the fact that the more you run, the more issues will arise with your body. Some of those issues are running injuries, some are nagging problems […] Read more »

Gear Review: How the Nike + iPod Can Be Like Your Own Running Coach

Nike Plus iPod

I just tried out the Nike + iPod device to use try out on my running workouts, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I have actually only ran with it twice, and I think that overall I like it, and think it is worth the price I paid. What is the Nike Plus iPod If you are not familiar with the Nike + iPod device, basically it consists of a transmitter […] Read more »

Running Shirts to Keep You Cool

running shirt for women

Shirts for Warm Weather Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner here in the US. And where I live, it is already starting to get warm, so we need to start thinking about what clothes will help us stay cool when we are running. What about Cotton? If you normally just throw on a cotton t-shirt and go for a run, then you may know that cotton is really not make an […] Read more »

Running Shoe Review – Saucony Omni

running shoe

I have decided to do a product review each Thursday as a part of the blog.  Today, I wanted to take a look at running shoes.  Your running shoes are the most important item you wear, and you will want to take your time in making the right decision.  In addition, you really should consider making an investment in a good running shoe.  Having the wrong shoe can affect your running form which can also […] Read more »

Running Gear – This Earbuds for You

I have decided to do some gear reviews once a week.  Today, I want to talk about earbuds of all things.  I am someone who almost always takes my music player with me when I run.  Currently I am actually carrying along my iphone with me.  And I am kind of particular about the earbuds I use.  I have found that the earbuds that come many of the music players you buy, including the ipod, […] Read more »