Product Review: Supplement Checklist to Give Fatigued Runners an Energy Boost

Recently, we provided some supplement recommendations that will help runners recover after a workout, and crush fatigue.  If you are in need of an energy boost yourself, then these supplements may be of use. In this post, I have added links to each supplement for your use. You may want to go check out these products so you can recover properly from your running workout. Check out These Simple Supplements for Runners to Boost Energy […] Read more »

Supplements to Recover from Running Workouts

For those starting a running program, or for anyone who is getting a good strong workout, you may sometimes feel fatigued after the workout, and for a large part of the day.  If this is true, there are some things that you can do to recover better after a workout, and decrease the fatigue.     In addition to getting good sleep, and having a good fueling diet and nutrition plan, sometimes you still need to have […] Read more »

Checklist of Running Gear and Apparel Items You Don’t Want to Forget

running apparel checklist

One good thing about running is that it does not take a lot of equipment to do. However, there a few accessories you may need to have to improve your running experience. This running gear is not too expensive and anyone, with a good budget, has enough money them without breaking a sweat. Of course, like many things you can spend as much or as little on any item as you feel comfortable. 

Without further […] Read more »

Review: PR*Bar is a Great Tool for Your Running and Weight Loss Success

I just tried out a nutrition bar called the PR*Bar, and I wanted to share my experience with you, and how this bar could provide you with the missing component that you need to really take your running to the next level. As we have talked about before, most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, and eating a high carbohydrate diet. The PR*Bar is a nutrition bar that is used to help give […] Read more »

Keep Your Eyes Protected with Some Cool Running Sunglasses

During the hot days of summer, and even in the winter months, the bright sun can make running outdoors uncomfortable for some.  Some people, like myself, tend to have sensitive eyes, and get headaches if they are out in the sun too long.  Not only that, but the sun’s rays can be harmful to your eyes over time.  Wearing the right sunglasses can help make your runs more comfortable, and keep your eyes healthy as […] Read more »

Review: People Walk Across America While they Work…


I have talked here about how getting a workout in can be difficult with the pace and the hectic lives that we lives.  Trying to juggle exercise around our work schedule can be difficult to say the least.  Well, what if I told you that you could get a workout while you are at the office working?  That is exactly what Dr James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has pondered when he came up with […] Read more »

Running Gear Review: Which is the better GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor for Running: the Garmin 305 or 405?

GPS Watch and Heart rate monitor

Have you considered getting a GPS and Heart Rate Monitor Watch? Having these features can help you improve your running program  A hear rate monitor is a useful way can help you determine if you are reaching your target heart rate or not, and can help you to track your effort.  The GPS feature allows you to track the distance you have run as well as your current pace.  Really, these things are pretty cool, […] Read more »