Power Runner’s Recipe: Banana Cream

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Bananas are a great food to provide nutrients and give you those carbs you need as a runner both before the workout and during recovery.  But, this fruit can also help to satisfy you when you are poking around the house for something sweet. Last night my wife made something she calls banana cream, which is made from frozen bananas that are blended until smooth.  She puts some chopped dates on the top of it […] Read more »

Running for Weight Loss: Five Foods To Eat that Help You Burn Fat

The word of the day for those who are running for weight loss and want to burn the fat is … metabolism.  Why?  Well if you can burn calories faster than you take them in, then you will eventually lose weight. The idea that some people have is that if you just burn more calories than you eat then you will eventually lose weight.  In part they are right, but the math is not quite […] Read more »

Review: PR*Bar is a Great Tool for Your Running and Weight Loss Success

I just tried out a nutrition bar called the PR*Bar, and I wanted to share my experience with you, and how this bar could provide you with the missing component that you need to really take your running to the next level. As we have talked about before, most people try to lose weight by cutting calories, and eating a high carbohydrate diet. The PR*Bar is a nutrition bar that is used to help give […] Read more »

Mind Tricks to Have Self Control to Lose Weight – Part II

I hope that in the Part I of this two part post on Self Control Mind Tricks to Help You Lose Weight, I got you thinking about a few ways to increase your self control, and ultimately unlock the keys to weight loss.  In this post I continue where I left off and give you some additional ways to improve your self control. Prep your mind when going out to eat or to parties. Before […] Read more »

Mind Tricks to Have Self Control to Lose Weight – Part I

Last night I was asking my wife what are some tips to maintain self control with eating.  After all, most of us have a general understanding of the foods we should eat and those we should not eat.  And most of us know what kind of foods we should avoid.  If we know these things, then why do we not always follow them?  The answer is that we often do not have the necessary control […] Read more »

Get the Mindset to Lose Weight

get the mindet for running to lose weight

This post is inspired from a discussion I had this week with my friend, Joey.  Joey has just started a running and weight loss program, and he is actually doing quite well so far.  He has already lost about 12 pounds just by modifying his eating habits, and now he is supplementing a walking and running program as well. When Enough is Enough I asked him what it was that made him decide to finally […] Read more »

Running Tips for the Overweight

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Being obese can take its toll on you both physically as mentally.  Overweight people tend to be more likely find themselves in life-threatening illnesses and face a myriad of self-esteem issues. Therefore, beginning a running program could be a great way to get on the right track with these issues. To address this point, today I brought in another post from my Friend David. He shares some great Running Tips that will help overweight people […] Read more »