I Survived My First Marathon: MTA Guest Post 8

First Marathon

This is the last of a series of guest posts I have been doing over at Marathon Training Academy, where I blogged about preparing for my first marathon using their system.  I went ahead and included the entire post here, because I am so excited about finishing the race. On November 5, 2011, I embarked into the unknown territory of running a marathon for the first time.  During that time I found why they call […] Read more »

6 More Miles… MTA Guest Post

6 miles of 26.2 miles in a marathon

As many of you know, I have been posting over at the Marathon Training Academy website about my training for an upcoming marathon.  I wanted to share these thoughts with my readers here. As someone who is starting out running, you may not have any immediate plans to run a marathon. A year ago, neither did I, but now I am running my first marathon. Maybe this post will help you consider setting your sights […] Read more »

The Final Surge: MTA Guest Post 6

I just wrote a guest post for the Marathon Training Academy Website. This is another post in a series where  I talk about my experience of training for my first marathon.  Below is a part of the article, but you can read the rest over at the link.  In this article I talk about making one final surge during my training.  I have enjoyed training for my first marathon, but now it is time to […] Read more »

What Your Friends Say About Running a Marathon: Marathon Training Academy Guest Post 4

This is the fourth guest post in a series that I have been doing over at Marathon Training Academy where I am sharing my experiences of running my first marathon. What Your Friends Say About Running a Marathon One of the cool things about running a marathon is that it gives you something to talk about with other people. There is just something about the ‘M’ word that gets people’s attention. Even non-runners typically respect […] Read more »

Lessons Learned: Part 3 of Marathon Training Journey

rock and rol marathon

I have added another guest post over at the Marathon Training Academy site, where I have been sharing about my training for the upcoming Rock and Roll marathon this fall.  Regardless of where you are as a runner, hopefully this will give you some motivation and insight to be a better runner.  Below is a snippet of the post, but you can read the full post over at Marathon Training Academy. My Long Runs are […] Read more »

Running for Beginners – My Personal Blog – The Need for Rest and Hydration

my running blog

Today is a personal blog entry to share with you how things in general as well as my running are going.  My hope is that you can learn from my experiences in life and in running, and understand even more about running for beginners. I did not go run this morning, even though I had planned to, because I was quite tired.  Last night I stayed up pretty late working, and I decided that with […] Read more »