Running Tips for the Overweight

running overweight

Being obese can take its toll on you both physically as mentally.聽 Overweight people tend to be more likely find themselves in life-threatening illnesses and face a myriad of self-esteem issues. Therefore, beginning a running program could be a great way to get on the right track with these issues. To address this point, today I brought in another post from my Friend David. He shares some great Running Tips that will help overweight people […] Read more 禄

Running Breathing and Beginners

running breathing

This is an article that I am posting on behalf of my Friend David, with some small tweaks of my own 馃槈 Learning the correct breathing technique is obviously a key part of effective running training. In truth lots of novice runners battle just to keep up for very long given that they haven’t yet mastered good running breathing techniques. Therefore, here are a few guidelines that can help you develop best breathing pattern during […] Read more 禄

Keep from Cramping

leg cramps

Today we have a guest post from Jackie Dikos, R.D. about muscle cramping when you run.聽 I recently received an email question about this, and Jackie was kind to offer suggestions.聽 Jackie is a Sports Dietitian, 2:45 Marathoner, Mother of Two, and a blogger.聽 I want to thank her for letting me post this, and for her help understanding this issue of cramps.聽 If you need more advice about getting proper nutrition and ‘Fuel’ for […] Read more 禄

Running for Beginners: Runners Need Rest to Boost Their Productivity

It is no secret that we all need rest to be more productive, but this fact is especially true for runners.聽 While you are building up your endurance, your body is putting extra effort into adjusting to the new routine.聽 When you sleep your body is doing work to repair muscles and recuperate from all of the work you did during your workout.聽 So, one of the best things you can do to build your […] Read more 禄

Running for Beginners: Let Your Results Skyrocket With these Running Workouts

rocket ships

For several years, I had the same boring running routine that I did 3 times a week.聽 I would run a 3 mile course at a ‘medium’ pace.聽 Then I did some reading about running, and found out about a few running workouts that you can do.聽 i also found out that these running workouts can not only put a spark in your running, but it also can make you a more balanced and better […] Read more 禄

Grasping the 5 Pieces of the Running for Weight Loss Puzzle

running to lose weight

My wife loves to put together puzzles.聽 She will spend hours and hours trying to match the right pieces together.聽 Finally, she will have a completed puzzle and a beautiful picture to enjoy.聽 Then I realized that weight loss and running can be a puzzle as well.聽 Weight loss truly can be a confusing and frustrating topic to understand.聽 You have all different types of exercise and diets out there, and you are not sure […] Read more 禄

Seven Things That May be Holding You Back From A Successful Running Program

runner being held back

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from having a successful running program?聽 Some of you are just having a difficult time getting started, and today we are going to explore why.聽 Maybe you have recently started and just could not stick with the program, perhaps you are someone who has not able to get started at all, or maybe you are just learning about running, and testing the waters to learn what […] Read more 禄