Can You Outrun Your Eating Habits?

Do you think that because you have started running that you can eat whatever you want that day and still drop some weight?  Your body is burning more calories, so it does not matter what you eat, right?  Well, actually is does matter.  Though you are burning more calories by running, that may not mean you can just start eating with no abandon.  I know I have fallen into that trap myself, but have found […] Read more »

A Basic Strategy for Running to Lose Weight

weight loss strategy

If one of your reasons to start running is to lose weight, then this is the post you have been waiting for! In fact, I intend on writing several posts on the subject.  Today, I wanted to discuss an overview of your running to lose weight strategy.   How Many Calories are in a Pound? Did you know that every 3500 calories you consume equals a pound?  That is right, this is one basic key […] Read more »