Six Tips to Help Parents Get in a Running Routine

For those of us with a family, sometimes it can be difficult to work in our running and exercise program along with the duties of being a parent and spouse, not to mention the duties of our work life.  So how do get in the habit of running when we have all of these responsibilities?  Here are a few tips that may help. 6 Tips to Help Parents Stay in a Running Routine Obviously the […] Read more »

Is Running a Priority?

We all must have priorities in life.  By having priorities in life, we can have balance, which is just a better way to live.  But where does running fit into your life?  Is it too high or too low a priority?  These are questions we will examine, and help you ensure running is at the right place in your life. So the first thing is to examine your priorities.  For some of you, maybe you […] Read more »

Making Fitness (and Running) a Part of Your Life

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There are many parts and components of our life such as our career, family, spiritual life, finances, personal development, social life, and our health.  If we neglect any of these areas then it makes it more difficult to be successful in the other areas.  Your health and fitness, then, can be a great way to improve your quality of life in all the other areas.  If you are unhealthy and sloppy, for example, it makes […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: How to Get into the Habit of Running

how to get in the habit of running

If you are like most people, you want to be fit and trim, and be on a regular exercise program.  You really want to get started running, but for some reason you just cannot get off the lazy boy and stick with a running program.    I know that forming a new habit and changing your patterns of life can be difficult. This is true if  you are trying to get into the habit of […] Read more »