Running Guide Development

Thank you for your interest in a guide here at Start Running for Beginners.  Learning about running is a great way to start or improve a running program.  At this time we are working to complete the 101 Running Tips eBook and the Running to Lose Weight eBook. These will be great additions to the library of products we are providing here. Right now we do have the A to Z Running Guide for Beginners […] Read more »

Get Motivated: Running Fuel Guest Post

running motivation

I think one of the biggest factors of running is motivation.  What goes on between our ears often governs what goes on with our feet.  For runners, you have to get yourself motivated first to start running, and then have to motivate yourself to finish.  I just wrote a guest post over at the Nutrition Success website that you will definitely want to check out.  Below is a little tease to get you started, but […] Read more »

The Final Surge: MTA Guest Post 6

I just wrote a guest post for the Marathon Training Academy Website. This is another post in a series where  I talk about my experience of training for my first marathon.  Below is a part of the article, but you can read the rest over at the link.  In this article I talk about making one final surge during my training.  I have enjoyed training for my first marathon, but now it is time to […] Read more »

Kids and Running

kid running

Recently, I was asked if I had any tips on running for kids.  Since I have a few ankle biters of my own, I figured I would share some things that may help you on this subject.   One thing I do know about kids is that they have more energy than me, and they like to run.  But running while playing hide-and-seek is much different than running a 5K race.  We are going to […] Read more »

Six Tips to Help Parents Get in a Running Routine

For those of us with a family, sometimes it can be difficult to work in our running and exercise program along with the duties of being a parent and spouse, not to mention the duties of our work life.  So how do get in the habit of running when we have all of these responsibilities?  Here are a few tips that may help. 6 Tips to Help Parents Stay in a Running Routine Obviously the […] Read more »

Is Running a Priority?

We all must have priorities in life.  By having priorities in life, we can have balance, which is just a better way to live.  But where does running fit into your life?  Is it too high or too low a priority?  These are questions we will examine, and help you ensure running is at the right place in your life. So the first thing is to examine your priorities.  For some of you, maybe you […] Read more »