Can You Outrun Your Eating Habits?

Do you think that because you have started running that you can eat whatever you want that day and still drop some weight?  Your body is burning more calories, so it does not matter what you eat, right?  Well, actually is does matter.  Though you are burning more calories by running, that may not mean you can just start eating with no abandon.  I know I have fallen into that trap myself, but have found that it is not so easy to outrun my poor eating habits.

run to lose weight

It looks like "Lou" is losing ground to the cheeseburger!

After you start a running program your body begins to adjust and you feel better.  But, during the course of the day you may begin to get hungry quicker.  As you become more fit, your body will burn more calories throughout the day.  And the result is that you tend to get hungrier quicker.  I have found that I often get hungry between meals, even when I eat lunch and breakfast.  These are the times that you may have the desire to eat some heavy snacks and junk food that will pack in the calories.

For me, the time where I have this happen to me the most is at lunch or when I get home from work in the evening. During those times my body is telling me to eat something heavy and/or sweet.

As you reach for that heavy snack, though, keep this example in mind.  Lou just ran 3 miles today, and you burned 400 calories during your run. Since he did so well at his run, Lou decides to take a mid-afternoon break and give himself a treat of a Snickers candy bar and a Coke.  The Snickers bar will have about 250 calories in it, while the Coke has 140 calories for a total of a 390 calorie snack.  Essentially, Lou’s run today just barely burned the amount of calories in your little snack.  If he continues this type of eating throughout the day, he may be worse off than if he had not run at all!

Have a Two Pronged Attach to Weight Loss
The best way to benefit from  the calories you burn when running is to not only exercise, but also eat reasonably.  At the end of the day, the bottom line is that you must burn more calories than you consume, and the best way to do this is with a ‘two-pronged attack” .  Remember the weight loss tips we learned from Dr Rob, which is basically that that you need to eat a reasonable breakfast and lunch, and it is okay to eat healthy snacks throughout the day.  Also, create a weight loss strategy that includes running and a healthy diet.  Just keep perspective on both the amount of calories you burn when you run as well as the amount of calories that you eat throughout the day.

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