Understand Your Running Condition Before Running a 5K

This time of year is a great time of year to sign up for a 5K race.  if you have decided to run in a 5K, then you will need to incorporate a training plan.  One of the first things that I suggest to do is assess your running condition.  Answer the following questions in order to find out where you are as a runner.

Assessment to Determine Running Condition for 5K Training

5K Assessment Question 1)

Can you run 10 minutes without having to catch your breath? (Yes or No)

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Is Running a Priority?

We all must have priorities in life.  By having priorities in life, we can have balance, which is just a better way to live.  But where does running fit into your life?  Is it too high or too low a priority?  These are questions we will examine, and help you ensure running is at the right place in your life.

So the first thing is to examine your priorities.  For some of you, maybe you have never really done that before.  Take a look at where you spend your time, and the things you do throughout the week.  That will give you a pretty good idea of what you value the most in life.  If these things match up with where you want to be, then good, otherwise you may want to make some changes.

For me, my first few priorities are fairly clear.  First comes my faith, then my family.  I love my wife and my children more than life, and try to enjoy the time we have together.  And that is why I try to ensure that my family is a priority over other aspects of my life. Of course I have to provide for my family, so work comes in pretty much as third.  Most people have these somewhere near the top, but after that things differ quite a bit.

For me, after those three things of faith, family, and work, exercise is not far behind.  I enjoy getting in a good run, staying in shape, and having an area that I can improve.  The benefits of running are important to me, and that is why running is a fairly high priority.

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A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a 10K

running a race

Several years ago I had some friends that decided they were going to run in the Charleston, SC Cooper River Bridge 10K Run.  Since we live an hour away from Charleston, they were going to stay at our house the night before the race, and we would go to the race in the morning.

I knew about the race in advance, and I had prepared for it to some degree.  But, me being the procrastinator that I can be at times, I had not signed up for the race beforehand.  So, we were just going to sign up before the race.  No big deal, right.  Well, that is what we thought.  But the day of the race was not exactly as planned.  First of all, we left a few minutes later than expected, and then the traffic to the race was busier than expected.  These two things put us at the starting line just a few moments before the race began.

My friends had pre-registered, so they really did not need to do anything.  For me, though, I had not registered, and registration was not really a choice at this point.  Then it occurred to me, this is a public road, so why not just run on it without registering?  And that is exactly what I did!  Yup, I ran the entire 10K race without registering.  I know, that was probably a bone-headed thing to do, and I know I probably should not have done it.  I am not sure why I did it, or what I was really thinking.  I would not do that again, but I admit it is kind of funny to remember that day.  The interesting thing about it is that I do not think anyone really noticed that I had not registered.  I guess I just sort of fit in with the crowd.

I hope that the race administrators do not come and track me down now that I am sharing this story.  Maybe I should register for that 10K race and not run in it.

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Product Review: Supplement Checklist to Give Fatigued Runners an Energy Boost

Recently, we provided some supplement recommendations that will help runners recover after a workout, and crush fatigue.  If you are in need of an energy boost yourself, then these supplements may be of use.

In this post, I have added links to each supplement for your use. You may want to go check out these products so you can recover properly from your running workout.

Check out These Simple Supplements for Runners to Boost Energy

•    Multi-vitamin capsules (capsule form not tablets – minimum of 4-6 caps per day)

•    Omega-3 Fatty Acid source (cod liver oil or flax oil)
•    Vitamin C powder (2,000 mg to 5,000 mg+ daily – “to bowel tolerance”)
•    Creatine Monodyrate (follow instructions on label for loading phase and maintenance)

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Power Runner’s Recipe: Banana Cream

running fuel

Bananas are a great food to provide nutrients and give you those carbs you need as a runner both before the workout and during recovery.  But, this fruit can also help to satisfy you when you are poking around the house for something sweet.

Last night my wife made something she calls banana cream, which is made from frozen bananas that are blended until smooth.  She puts some chopped dates on the top of it to add a caramel flavor to it.  I was actually amazed at how good it tasted even though it was totally natural.

To make the banana cream, first you will need to peel and dice a banana, and freeze the pieces.  The more the banana is ripe, the better.  Next, chop the frozen bananas in the food processor.  At first they will chop, and then it will form a kind of ball that spins around in the food processor.  Once it reaches this stage, let it continue for a few more seconds, and then it is done.  At that point, you should have your tasty banana cream.  Add some dates, coconut or carob to spice it up a little.  Or you can add some peanuts and honey for toppings.  Either way, this is a tasty snack that you can use to stay away from the sweets while getting the carbs you need for running.

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Running for Weight Loss: Five Foods To Eat that Help You Burn Fat

The word of the day for those who are running for weight loss and want to burn the fat is … metabolism.  Why?  Well if you can burn calories faster than you take them in, then you will eventually lose weight.

The idea that some people have is that if you just burn more calories than you eat then you will eventually lose weight.  In part they are right, but the math is not quite that simple.  The tricky part of this equation is that some foods increase your metabolism, and some foods actually decrease it.

You see, the real issue is what foods are you eating, not necessarily how much food are you eating.  If you eat the right kinds of foods, then your success at weight loss will be greater than someone who just counts calories.  So, here just five foods that you should incorporate into your diet in order to burn the fat. Read more »