I Survived My First Marathon: MTA Guest Post 8

First Marathon

This is the last of a series of guest posts I have been doing over at Marathon Training Academy, where I blogged about preparing for my first marathon using their system.  I went ahead and included the entire post here, because I am so excited about finishing the race.

On November 5, 2011, I embarked into the unknown territory of running a marathon for the first time.  During that time I found why they call this ‘endurance’ running.  It wasn’t the prettiest race, and with a time of 4:54, I did not break any records.  But but I did somehow pull myself through those last few miles, and now I can join the ranks of that small segment of the population that calls themselves a marathon runner.

Ready, Race!
There were 15,000 half-marathoners and about 5,000 full-marathoners there in downtown Savannah.  There was a ton of excitement and anxiousness in the cool air.   The route went through a variety of areas, and the locals really embraced the marathon.  The bands made the race entertaining, but the encouragement of the locals and volunteers made the tough miles a little easier to swallow.

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6 More Miles… MTA Guest Post

6 miles of 26.2 miles in a marathon

As many of you know, I have been posting over at the Marathon Training Academy website about my training for an upcoming marathon.  I wanted to share these thoughts with my readers here. As someone who is starting out running, you may not have any immediate plans to run a marathon. A year ago, neither did I, but now I am running my first marathon. Maybe this post will help you consider setting your sights on running your first marathon? Here is a short teaser of my guest post. Take a look over at this post and comment on your thoughts.

With just a week to go until my race date of November 5 arrives, I have a few random thoughts that I wanted to share with you as I get ready to run my first marathon.   I think this title summarizes where I am right now in more than one way.

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Running Guide Development

Thank you for your interest in a guide here at Start Running for Beginners.  Learning about running is a great way to start or improve a running program.  At this time we are working to complete the 101 Running Tips eBook and the Running to Lose Weight eBook. These will be great additions to the library of products we are providing here.

Right now we do have the A to Z Running Guide for Beginners for a mere $14 at the link provided.

For more information about the running guide, you can also visit this link: https://www.startrunningforbeginners.com/guide/

If that doesn’t work for ya, then perhaps you would like to sign up to get access to the Free 7-day course ‘The Seven Pillars of Running for Beginners’ at the link provided.

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Get Motivated: Running Fuel Guest Post

running motivation

I think one of the biggest factors of running is motivation.  What goes on between our ears often governs what goes on with our feet.  For runners, you have to get yourself motivated first to start running, and then have to motivate yourself to finish.  I just wrote a guest post over at the Nutrition Success website that you will definitely want to check out.  Below is a little tease to get you started, but the rest of the article can be found at the link.

You have been running for almost two hours now, and the sweat is pouring down your face.  When you left for your run it was early morning, but now the sun has started to beat down on you.  You know you need to finish this long run today if you are going to do well in your upcoming race, but right now you just feel like giving up.  Does this sound like one of your runs?  If so, then maybe you need some motivation tips to help you the next time you go for a run.

I would like you to keep an open mind about these tips.  While some may seem silly, they really do help.  Just try it and see.  If it helps you run better, then who cares if they are silly, right?

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The Final Surge: MTA Guest Post 6

I just wrote a guest post for the Marathon Training Academy Website. This is another post in a series where  I talk about my experience of training for my first marathon.  Below is a part of the article, but you can read the rest over at the link.  In this article I talk about making one final surge during my training.  I have enjoyed training for my first marathon, but now it is time to really surge ahead if I am going to be successful.  I tell a story about being on a long run and realizing that I only have a short time before the big day.

I had been running for 14 miles on a Saturday morning.  The run started at 6:15 and  it was dark and much cooler.  But after running for over two hours things had changed.  I was now out of fuel, not to mention energy.  The sun was out, and it was much hotter and I much sweatier than when I left the house.  My cardiovascular endurance was doing okay, but my legs were hurting, and seemed to have turned to jello.  I still had three miles to get back home, but it might as well have been another 14 miles.  I was unsure if I would even make it.  Does this sound familiar?

Continue article on the Final Surge of Marathon Training at the link provided.


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Kids and Running

kid running

Recently, I was asked if I had any tips on running for kids.  Since I have a few ankle biters of my own, I figured I would share some things that may help you on this subject.   One thing I do know about kids is that they have more energy than me, and they like to run.  But running while playing hide-and-seek is much different than running a 5K race.  We are going to discuss running for kids, and how to be healthy with it.

Right now, I believe our kids in the United States, and probably worldwide are more obese than ever before.  We are feeding them an unhealthy diet, and letting them play hours of video games.  I think it is time we encouraged our kids to get out and get a little exercise, and what better way to exercise than to enjoy a little running?  Indeed it is a great skill and hobby to teach our kids so that they can enjoy being fit for a long time.

How Can I get My Kids Motivated to Run?

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Six Tips to Help Parents Get in a Running Routine

For those of us with a family, sometimes it can be difficult to work in our running and exercise program along with the duties of being a parent and spouse, not to mention the duties of our work life.  So how do get in the habit of running when we have all of these responsibilities?  Here are a few tips that may help.

6 Tips to Help Parents Stay in a Running Routine

Obviously the tips here will vary depending on your exact situation. Some of you are single or care for the kids during the day, some have older kids while other have little ones at home.  Hopefully, though at least one or two of these ideas will help you work in a run a couple of times a week even if you have several ankle biters to deal with.

* Take the Kiddos With You – Kids love to do what we do.  So, even if you have real little ones, they may want to run down the block and back.  Get them interested in running early so they can enjoy the benefits of this great sport.  but if your kids are a little older, they may be able to run a little farther.  Just take it easy on them, and make sure they are enjoying it.  Even if you get a short run in that is better than nothing.  Another idea that may work for you is to let your kids follow you on the bicycle

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