40 + Tips to Make Gradual Success in Your Running to Lose Weight Program

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Last week I shared with you a weight loss success tip that will help you in your running for weight loss goals.  The idea is to change things gradually over time in order to make progress in your life, in your running program, and in your weight loss program.  I told you to pick one area at a time and focus on that until you had changed the habit for the better.

Well, today I have prepared several things you can do over the course of the year to improve your running and weight loss.  If you can do one of these things each week, then imagine how much better off you will be this time next year?  Well, here are at least 40 ways to do just that…

40+ Ideas to Have Gradual Changes in Your Running for Weight Loss Program:

(Note:  I recommend doing only one thing at a time!!)

Changes your Nutrition and Diet

* Eat some breakfast
* Eat small snacks and meals throughout the day (5-6) instead of a few large meals
* Avoid getting hungry. Once you do, you lose self control, and “all bets are off” for eating right!
*Eat an apple for a mid day snack
* Reduce the sugar in your coffee
* Eliminate creamer from your coffee (I went from coffee with cream and sugar to black coffee over the course of a few months…)
* Add protein to your breakfast – eggs, turkey bacon, greek yogurt
* If you eat fast food, order fruit instead of fries
* Gradually eliminate soda from your diet

* Drink more water – this is especially important for runners
* Eat a salad for lunch
* Use vinaigrette dressing instead of ‘heavy dressings’

* Try whole grain pasta
* Don’t put extra butter on your bread
* Better yet, quit eating the bread with your dinner!

* Cut back on the beer and alcohol
* Enjoy your food, and eat slowly
* Avoid eating until you are ‘stuffed’
* Try brown rice

* Eat  cup of yogurt ‘parfait’ instead of ice-cream

* Get the side of vegetables instead of the potato when you eat out
* For us southerners – try unsweet tea instead of sweet tea.  (It is not so bad after all)
* Eat some GORP (Good Ole’ Raisins and Peanuts) for a snack
* Try some fish such as tilapia instead of steak
* Eat grilled or baked chicken instead of fried chicken
* Cut up carrots, celery, and cucumbers for a snack
* At parties or weddings, limit your indulgence to one ‘sweet’ or refined carbohydrate
* Yes, do eat before you go to the grocery store!
* Buy a recipe book with healthy recipes
* Start a vegetable garden (it will motivate you to eat them!)
* Don’t eat that doughnut at the office in the morning anymore
* Eat your bagel without cream cheese
* Better yet, quit eating the bagel (eat some eggs, fruit, or yogurt instead!)

Change your Fitness and Running

* Start running! – At some point you do have to start exercising. If you are not ready to run, then at least do some walking or something else.
* Increase mileage 10% each week
* Run 3 times per week
* Walk on ‘off days’
* Add cross training to your running program
* Sign up for a road race – this will give you a great running goal to push you
* Do some running workouts
* Do some strength training on your ‘off’ days
* (40) Do some ab work on your off days

What do you think?
What are some things that you can implement today to start making gradual changes in your running to lose weight program?

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