Keep Your Eyes Protected with Some Cool Running Sunglasses

During the hot days of summer, and even in the winter months, the bright sun can make running outdoors uncomfortable for some.  Some people, like myself, tend to have sensitive eyes, and get headaches if they are out in the sun too long.  Not only that, but the sun’s rays can be harmful to your eyes over time.  Wearing the right sunglasses can help make your runs more comfortable, and keep your eyes healthy as […] Read more »

Get the Mindset to Lose Weight

get the mindet for running to lose weight

This post is inspired from a discussion I had this week with my friend, Joey.  Joey has just started a running and weight loss program, and he is actually doing quite well so far.  He has already lost about 12 pounds just by modifying his eating habits, and now he is supplementing a walking and running program as well. When Enough is Enough I asked him what it was that made him decide to finally […] Read more »

Running for Beginners: 10 Keys to Training for a Race (Part 1)

keys to success

Congratulations! You decided to run a 5K race or a 10K race.   Or maybe you are still thinking about it, and just want to know some good training concepts.  Either way, the following will help you be a better runner, and will help you look good when you run in a race, even if it is your first one. Here are 10 Keys for Beginners to Train for a 5K or 10K Race (Part 1) […] Read more »

Lessons Learned: Part 3 of Marathon Training Journey

rock and rol marathon

I have added another guest post over at the Marathon Training Academy site, where I have been sharing about my training for the upcoming Rock and Roll marathon this fall.  Regardless of where you are as a runner, hopefully this will give you some motivation and insight to be a better runner.  Below is a snippet of the post, but you can read the full post over at Marathon Training Academy. My Long Runs are […] Read more »

Sometimes You Need an Easy Week of Running

relaxation and running

Not too long ago I had a really down week.  I was tired, and my muscles were sore.  My lower back muscles were especially tight, and I decided to take it a little easier this week.  That is why I did two cross training days, and I took one day to just do the stretching and strength exercises.  The key though, is that even though I took it easy that week, I still was able […] Read more »

Running Tips for the Overweight

running overweight

Being obese can take its toll on you both physically as mentally.  Overweight people tend to be more likely find themselves in life-threatening illnesses and face a myriad of self-esteem issues. Therefore, beginning a running program could be a great way to get on the right track with these issues. To address this point, today I brought in another post from my Friend David. He shares some great Running Tips that will help overweight people […] Read more »

Running Breathing and Beginners

running breathing

This is an article that I am posting on behalf of my Friend David, with some small tweaks of my own 😉 Learning the correct breathing technique is obviously a key part of effective running training. In truth lots of novice runners battle just to keep up for very long given that they haven’t yet mastered good running breathing techniques. Therefore, here are a few guidelines that can help you develop best breathing pattern during […] Read more »