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10 Reasons to Start Running

Get inspiration from History those who have been running for years and see essential tips for those who want to start running.

There is no doubt that running is a fashion sport. You must at least have a relative, friend or acquaintance. So it’s a common question why so many people start running and especially why this sport is so addictive.

An example is sports journalist Edilene Lopes: “I started running in 2007 or 2008 in the gym. I always enjoyed the sport I was working from 17, when the hectic routine allows. One day I saw a colleague waiting for the tape for more than an hour. I thought: I’ll try too. Soon after I get the tape for 3h30 minutes, running nearly 30 km, ”he repeats.

And it didn’t take long to start running out of the gym. “Over time I left the tread mill, trained on the road close to home and went outside.

The first race I took part in 2010, inspired by a great friend. Then I got excited. Since then I have had many goals, improving speed, time, distance. Today I have only one: rhythm as I like it and I always have it, ”says the journalist, laughing.

She says that the maximum distance she has traveled to date is 36 kilometers, but she makes more ambitious plans. “The day I have time to train, maybe I don’t close the 42k of a marathon? “There are laughs again at Edilene Lopes, indicating that the sport is very contagious.

The journalist sends a message to those who want to practice the sport: “You are happy to run, give you conditioning, prepare you for everyday life and provide self-knowledge.

I often say that running is a memo of life: you need to have time to reduce speed, speed and stop. If you use running to develop body awareness you will know exactly what movement causes the pain, what training is best for you, who you dislike, but it is necessary.

If you take this with other areas of life, you learn the best understanding of the profession, ”ends the journalist.

10 steps to start running

1 – Start slowly – As it is a contagious sport, it is very complex to start testing and testing its boundaries, but if you plan to promote the sport, assume it is easy . The advice is to add a number of pipes to walk on your walk (or folder) and increase it gradually.

2 – Don’t overflow – the prizes are the people who go over the start of sport and, in most cases, the sport has been abandoned. Yes, you must seek your boundaries, but you must do so safely. One crop is the time and intensity gradually increased in a safe range of not more than 10% per week.

3 – Understanding the body’s symptoms – In this sport, there are normal worries, especially in the thigh and calf. Others may show that something is wrong, such as acute pain that lasts or deteriorates as you walk or run. The recommendation in this case is to relax for 3 days and consult the doctor if it does not improve within this period.

4 – Think of the team – Very few of the teams that need to run are: comfortable and appropriate clothing, and a pair of good shoes. More attention needs to be given to this second as there are models that are not relevant to sport. In this way, you can avoid injuries and get better results.

5 – See where you are running – Whether you prefer to run on asphalt, on an appropriate track for the sport or on a path: make a safe route and you know where you are going first. In this way, avoid negative surprises, such as the type of floor (which may have more or less impact or even accidents).

6 – Maintain coherence between body and mind – When starting sport, especially running, it must be in tune between the body and mind so that one does not start sabotage the other. Keep your goals refreshed, fit your body and running!

7 – Avoid a bad posture – Some adjustments in your sport posture can make it more comfortable and prevent injuries. Start running with short steps, keeping your angles bent 90 degrees and with your hands calm. Keep the spine upright and always look towards the horizon.

8 – Set your breaks before your body does it – Set a race schedule with rest periods. If you don’t think about this and don’t prepare it, your body can put you in place for a long time.

9 – Take good care of your food – People who want to start running should look after food before and after training, and get a balance for life. Avoid extra calories and remember that half of the calories must come from complex carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables and whole grains) with each meal, and a quarter must come from healthy fats (avocados, nuts, seeds). and olive oil) and the rest of lean protein sources (soy, fish, chicken, eggs, etc.).

10 – Always be a patient – If you are tired, relax; If you feel pain, wait, if you want to stop, think, but don’t leave the race without getting the best thing first, that is continuity. Understand that your body and mind have limits and it takes time to break them. Stay focused and always run it!

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