Quick Start to Running for Beginners

Running is fairly easy to get started, but it is also just as easy to quit.  In order for you to have a consistent running program, you need a solid plan and motivation to carry you through. That is why I created this website and this active running blog…. I want to help people start running and stick with it.

Let me get you moving towards success with an overview of these running tips for beginners that I call the Seven Pillar of Running for Beginners.

  • The One-Minute Tip to Getting Started – This tip may sound kind of silly to you, but I want you to give it a chance. Basically the idea is that you just run for one minute. Yes, that is all! As you continue to build running fitness you will be able to build time and duration obviously.  But, we all have to start somewhere, right? If you are able to run more, then just adjust where you are on the running schedule accordingly.
  • Running Goals – I have provided you with some ideas such as increasing your mileage, or losing some weight. If you do not have a running goals program, then that is the first place to start.

  • Get Motivated – Motivation is the difference between people who give up and those that keep going. Some things you can do to get motivated to run include posting goals, running with friends, and reading motivational quotes and articles.
  • Don’t Overdo It – You want to be a runner for the long haul, so do not get burned out from running  after just the first or second run.  At first,  schedule twenty-minute time slots three times a week for a couple of weeks
  • Warmup & Have Great Running Technique – Before and after each run, you should do your running stretches.  Take time to walk for a few minutes, and also stretch your leg muscles. During the run, be sure to keep in mind that your Running Technique for Beginners is important. The biggest thing is to have good posture, and try to have a reasonable stride length.
  • Running Shoes and Running Surfaces – You will want to take your time in purchasing the right running shoes, as it is the most important piece of running gear you will wear. The best thing to do is to find a knowledgeable running shoe salesman and ask him to measure you and give you recommendations. As far as running surfaces go, concrete and asphalt pavement are both harder than any natural surfaces that you can run on. If you can run on some natural surfaces part of the time, it will help soften the impact of running.

What Are My Next Steps?
Now that you have an overview of the Seven Pillars of Running for Beginners Running Guide, you should be well on your way to success as a runner.  Go out and do the best you can, and have fun doing it.   I am sure you will have bumps in the road, so you can come here and read the blog, and get the advice. you need.  But you will want to also get access to the (free) seven day course that will provide a much more detailed explanation of each point.  If this is your first time to this site, then I would suggest that you go ahead and sign up today at this link to get the free course on running for beginners.  Ohh, and please do go grab a copy of my running guide titled ‘The A to Z Guide to Running for Beginners“.

What if I am an Advanced Runner?

The great thing about this site is that it is by a runner (me) for runners just like you.  I have tips on here for running your first 5K race or other race, all the way up to marathon training.  In addition, the concepts of running motivation, running to lose weight, and other running tips are useful no matter what level runner you are.  So I hope you will engage here and take your running to that next level with me and Start Running for Beginners by your side.