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The reality is that many people start running, and within a short time, they just give up.  They get on a ‘runner’s high’ and everything seems to be going great.  Then, something happens; they crash hard, and fall off the wagon so to speak.

I Must Tell You This Hard and Cold Truth About Running…

The sad thing is that most people who start running quit.  I really hate to see people quit running, and lose the benefits of being fit and active.  That is one reason why I think this running guide is so useful for new runners.

Do you really want to have success as a runner?

Maybe you are concerned that you are not cut out to be a runner.  Well that depends on a few things.   Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to put the effort into a running program, or would you rather just continue to be lazy and get fat?  I cannot give you an ‘easy pill’, and I cannot run for you.  But, I can give you the tools and advice you need to be successful.  If you want to have success as a runner, then find out how the mindset of a runner can help you get ahead.
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Finally, You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Running With this Guide

Can you imagine what it will feel like once you are able to run one, two, three, or more miles without feeling like you are going to pass out?  Well, after you work through my running program, you will be amazed at how easy running seems to be.  Sure it will take some work, but eventually you will be getting into shape, losing weight, and feeling wonderful.  Haven’t you noticed that most runners have more energy than the average population?

Do You Need Running Advice or Help on Running?

Do any of these things describe your questions or issues about running?  There are some questions that come up during your training that you will need help with.  Some of the common issues include:

  • You Get Winded When You Run
  • You are afraid of getting injured
  • You do not have a running schedule
  • You don’t understand running form
  • You are not sure how to buy the right running shoes
  • You cannot get motivated to run
  • Getting achy and sore muscles after you run
  • You do not even know where to begin.

Well, if you have any of  these questions, then you are like most of the people that are learning from my Comprehensive Running Guide about how to master all of these things and become a distance runner.

Finally, a straightforward running guide that will help you get started with running, get results, and stick with the program for the long haul.

One of the secrets of runners is that they have to get motivated to run.

Let me help you learn the motivation tips that will help you meet your running goals, and help you to stick with running for the long term!  If you are serious about getting into shape, and are ready to enjoy the benefits of running, then this is the right running guide for you.

Get Accurate Running Advice From an ACTUAL Runner

Please keep in mind that there is a lot of confusing and flat out wrong information out there on the web about running.  Some of the so called ‘experts’ on running have a hard time running to the bathroom.  Hardly a source I would trust.  But as you know, I am a runner, and I have been putting great advice out there for you on the blog.  And now, much of that useful advice from the blog that can be found right here in this comprehensive guide.  Though, the A to Z guide provides a clear organization of all of those tips in an easy to read, portable and printable format.

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Take Control of Your Running By Learning the Secrets of Running…

In this guide, I will teach you tons of ways to master running, including:

        • Proper running form and technique



      • An ideal schedule for new runners



      • One of the most common mistakes runners make



      • Ease into running safely using the One Minute Tip for Beginners



      • Learn how to write your own goals



      • Everything you wanted to know about running form



      • Get on a training schedule



      • Get into a habit of running



      • How to treat running injuries and get back into it



Here’s What You Get When You Claim the Running Guide

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Wait!  Get These Killer Bonuses as Well!

And in addition, I decided to throw in some of these cool bonuses that will help you dominate your running program even more!

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I have included a bonus chapter on how to run your first race


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Personal Running Tips Chapter (7$ Value)

I am also including a bonus chapter with some additional advice and personal tips from my own experience that I think you will benefit from.

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Running Gear Guide ($7 Value)

Okay, I know that these bonuses are getting out of hand, but I figured I might as well give you a copy of this running gear guide so you can get some cool running gear.  I include sections on running shoes, running shirts, hydration packs, and more.

Don’t Worry – You’re Covered by the 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I understand that you may have been burned in the past by people who did not deliver on the promises, and I definitely understand your concerns. So, I have decided that in order to put you at ease I will provide a 100% moneyback guarantee. Just purchase the “A to Z” Comprehensive Guide to Running, and try out the secrets in this guide for the next 90 days. Then, if you do not think that this guide will help you become a better runner, then just let me know before the 90 trial is up.  I will refund your money with no questions asked… That’s Right, Just send me a quick email and I will give you your money back!
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So What are you waiting for…

I just wanted to tell you one more final word, and that is that you have a decision to make.  Do you want to continue on the path you have been taking, or do you want to learn what it takes to be a runner for good.  I hope you will take advantage of this great offer, and the super cool bonuses so you can start running and get fit!

Here is to Your Running Success!